Thursday, March 27, 2008

RE: Garbo's new posting about a responsible plan to end the war:

Sign me up!

As a fun historical parallel - remember in Sept. 2007 when Democratic PACs (I think it was 527s but I could be mistaken) nicknamed General Petraeus 'General Betray Us?' in the Times?

Well, they did the same thing with Eisenhower during World War II when he was supreme Allied commander.

Instead of General Eisenhower, it was 'General Lies and Power'. I'm a particularly big fan of text below the picture


Garbo said...

Because there are sooooooooooo many parallels between Iraq and World War II.

ebl2009 said...

It was meant as a humorous bit of trivia...and it was funny

hot zone said...

Don't feel bad. I thought it was funny.

Garbo said...

Well, you're both wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


Garbo said...

Still wrong

ebl2009 said...

I was wondering why Garbo took such a paternalistic line in his outlook on political economy. Now I see, it's because, as evidenced here, he's a child and therefore wants someone to be paternalistic to him. Sorry Garbo, I'm not going to be your daddy.