Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Way To Stay On Message

From an interview with Harry Reid:
Question: Do you still think the Democratic race can be resolved before the convention?

Reid: Easy.

Q: How is that?

Reid: It will be done.

Q: It just will?

Reid: Yep.

Q: Magically?

Reid: No. It will be done. I had a conversation with Governor Dean (Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean) today. Things are being done.
Remember all those complaints of party leaders ignoring what the voting public actually wanted through a brokered convention? It turns out we don't even need to wait for the convention for the fix to be in.

Well thank god we've gotten past the days of smoke-filled back room deals...


ebl2009 said...

well you'd have a point if it wasn't the case that Hillary wasn't going to win to win the regular delegates.

Given that she isn't, however, it would seem that they are preventing (assuming they do give it to Obama which seems most likely) backroom deals from determining who is the nominee rather than using those deals to supplant the public will...

Lang said...

Neither candidate is going to win with 'pledged' delegates, as long as they both stay in the race. Its going to come down to Florida/Michigan, and superdelegates.

Regardless, theres something sketchy about party leaders saying "we're talking to each other and will enforce some result of our choosing," rather than let the process play out (and yes, I consider superdelegates part of the process, while Reid, Pelosi, Dean, Gore, or whichever other party leaders imposing an outcome to be rigging the process).